• Wildlife Emergencies During Fire

  • wildlife rescue

    Wildlife emergencies during fire: Wildlife suffer immensely during a wildfire event.

    In fire-affected areas, wildlife will be disoriented, smoke-affected, dehydrated, and could be suffering burns.

    The search and rescue of wildlife affected by fire is managed and coordinated by the Department of Environment in Victoria. WRES (and other wildlife rescue organisations) works closely with the Victorian Government Department of Environment to ensure that wildlife rescue is conducted safely and efficiently.

    Firegrounds are dangerous - only volunteers with WRES (and other wildlife rescue organisations) are allowed to search and rescue wildlife. WRES works closely with Victorian Government Wildlife Welfare Officers who coordinate wildlife rescue and rehabilitation groups to help with the rescue, treatment, rehabilitation and release of wildlife affected by fire. To help with the rescue of wildlife affected by fire you must be an accredited and trained member of WRES.

    If you find sick, injured or orphaned wildlife please contact WRES on:
    0427 301 401.

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