• How To Help Injured Wildlife

  • How to help injured wildlife: stress can be fatal for wildlife so here is a step by step guide to help you and the animal in need:

    1. If safe to do so secure the animal in a cardboard box or a suitable well ventilated container.
    2. Keep the animal in a warm, dark & quiet area (Echidna’s & Platypus must be kept at room temperature only).
    3. Keep the animal away from pets, children, noise, curious people and bright lights.
    4. Once contained, DO NOT offer food or water. The wrong food can be lethal. Forcing water onto wildlife can do harm.
    5. Call Statewide Wildlife Rescue Emergency Service (W.R.E.S).

    Call WRES 24 Hours A Day
    7 Days A Week: 0427 301 401